Silent Auction

We are auctioning this lovely painting by the very talented artist and rancher Brad Phares entitled An Gàidheal (The Gael). We asked Brad to paint a picture of the anonymous Gael in our logo.  We hope it isn’t too obvious who our model was!

Without frame: 51x41cm (20″ x 16″) – With frame: 66x55cm (26″ x 22″)

Submit your bids to:

Bidding will close into the New Year.
Minimum bid £200, please put the amount you want to bid in the subject line.
Any donation made by the winner in the period the auction is open will be discounted from their bid.
If there is interest we are also considering producing prints to sell, so let us know when you bid if you’d like one in the event that you don’t win the painting.
The watermark is to prevent counterfeit prints.

We would hugely appreciate any donations to us in the meantime, whether you can make a bid or not.