Dòrlach is Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation SC050162

Operational Objectives

  1. To promote the cause of Scotland’s Gaelic dialects, especially those in a perilous condition in terms of paucity of speakership
  2. To give voice to the speakers of lesser-known and now lesser-used dialects in order that valuable perspectives and information are not lost and that due respect be given to our elders who should not carry the burden of our Gaelic culture alone
  3. To restore Scotland’s Gaelic dialects to the status of living community vernaculars where possible / practicable. (Whenever the current context prevents restoration, to document dialects in order that future generations are bequeathed the potential for restoration)
  4. To support those actively engaged in the revitalisation and / or revival of lesser-used or moribund dialects of Scottish Gaelic
  5. To support young people in the restoration of inter-generational transmission between themselves and their elders
  6. To promote solidarity and sharing between speakers of Scottish Gaelic and speakers of other Goidelic, Celtic and minority languages around the world
  7. To continue the pioneering work of “Dalriada Gaelic” which has taken place over the last number of years to restore the dialect of Central Argyll to the status of a living language through fieldwork, digitisation and inter-generational transmission as a template for the restoration of other dialects
  8. To engage in educational activities with the public in order to spread awareness of Scotland’s Gaelic dialects and the work to reinvigorate them
  9. To liase, and where possible, work in tandem with other bodies engaged in the maintenance of the Gaelic language in Scotland
  10. To develop a sensible orthographic approach to dialect representation which allows for flexibility beyond the current conventions (GOC)
  11. To operate a “quality over quantity” approach to revitalisation of Scottish Gaelic in general, encouraging and exemplifying the highest possible standards of both the spoken and written languages
  12. To investigate and revitalise traditional Gaelic and Scottish practices and lifeways in order to return local, sustainable agency to Scotland’s people
  13. To engage in fundraising activities with the public at home and abroad to support the above objectives